There's More To Led Zeppelin Than Fans Realize

There's More To Led Zeppelin Than Fans Realize | Vitrola Stereo

As one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time, Led Zeppelin's history has been well documented. But no matter how big of a fan you might be, there's still probably a lot you may not know about the undisputed gods of '70s rock.

By 1969, Led Zeppelin was already blowing audiences away with their explosive and dynamic live performances, and guitarist Jimmy Page wanted to keep record label meddling to a minimum on the band's records. So, he financed their epic self-titled debut album himself.

Whereas bands typically received a cash advance to record an LP, Zeppelin showed up at Atlantic Records with master tapes in tow, leaving the label no say in the actual artistic process. There were other advantages to self-financing. Because Page planned ahead and knew exactly what he wanted the band to be, recording costs were kept to a minimum. In fact, the whole recording process only took 30 hours.

Watch the video for more about Led Zeppelin than fans may realize.

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