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Listen to us on your Nokia

If you like us and want to listen this radio on your Nokia. Here are the instructions to do it.

Select Menu > Media > Internet radio.

Listen to internet radio stations

To listen to a radio station on the internet, select a station from the station directory, search stations by their name from the Nokia Internet Radio service, or select Options > Add station manually . When you have found the correct station, select Listen.

To stop the playback, press the scroll key. To resume the playback, press the scroll key again.

To adjust the volume, keep the function key pressed down and scroll up or down.

To view station information, select Options > Station information (not available if you have saved the station manually).

If you are listening to a station saved in your favorites, scroll left or right to listen to the previous or next saved station.

You can browse for station links with the Web application. Compatible links are automatically opened in the Internet radio application.

Search for stations

To search for radio stations in the Nokia Internet Radio service by their name, select Search. Enter a station name -- Vitrola Stereo -- or the first letters of it in the search field, and select Search.

To listen to the station, select Listen.

To save the station to your favorites, select Options > Add to Favorites .

To make another search, select Options > Search again .

Save stations
To view and listen to your favorite stations, select Favorites.

To add a station manually to favorites, select Options > Add station manually . Enter the web address of the station and a name that you want to appear in the favorites list.

To add the currently playing station to favorites, select Options > Add to Favorites .

To view station information, to move a station up or down in the list or to delete a station from the favorites, select Options > Station and the desired option.

To view only stations beginning with particular letters or numbers, start entering the characters. Matching stations are displayed.



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