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Vitrola´s Hits of 2014



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Billboard’s Top 30 Summer Songs

This is the Billboard definitive list of the most popular songs about summer ever recorded.

Comme ci, comme ça - Zaz

Rolling Stones threaten lawsuit over Trump's music use

The Rolling Stones are working with performing-rights organization BMI to try to stop President Donald Trump from using their songs in his campaign.

▶ Top 15 by Vitrola Stereo, week of Jun. 27 2020

▶ Top 15 by Vitrola Stereo, week of Jun. 27 2020.

Paul McCartney - The World Tonight

Paul McCartney’s The World Tonight music video directed by Geoff Wonfor. ‘The World Tonight’ was the second single from Paul’s album ‘Flaming Pie’ released in July 1997 in the UK. Available as part of the 2020 ‘Flaming Pie Collector’s Edition’.