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It's All About The Music On VH1's "The Linda Perry Project"

Linda Perry is a legendary musician, songwriter, and record producer, whose career in the business spans nearly 25 years. She has found success in the spotlight as the lead singer and primary songwriter of the group 4 Non Blondes, and behind the scenes as a composer, producer, as well as the founder of both a record label and a publishing company.

With the premiere of VH1's "The Linda Perry Project" (working title), this music heavyweight opens the doors to her Hollywood studio for the first time ever as she works to re-launch her record label and mentor a talented group of young artists – one (or more) of whom she plans to sign to her label. "The Linda Perry Project" premieres Summer 2014 on VH1.

For these musicians, "The Linda Perry Project" is an unbelievable opportunity to prove themselves to a genuine music mogul who has composed and produced hit songs for the biggest divas in music including Pink, Gwen Stefani, Celine Dion, Alicia Keys, and Christina Aguilera.

Perry was also the first to sign and break British singer-songwriter James Blunt in the United States. Now she will test these up-and-coming artists like never before, not only in studio, but on stage at some of Hollywood's most venerated music venues. She doesn't pull punches or mince words – there is no room for egos here.  Her goal is to find the 'next big thing' and help them reach their full potential. But the biggest stakes may be for Perry herself as she aims to make her newest endeavor a success.

"The Linda Perry Project" will prove which artists have the work ethic and courage to let their talent shine through – and who finds Linda Perry's always-honest yet sometimes harsh words and sharp wit too much to handle.

"I am really excited about working on this show with VH1," said Linda Perry. "The network has given me the opportunity to showcase music in a way I've never seen on any TV show. My career has been awesome; I've worked with some true superstars – but it's a totally different feeling to take an unknown, unsigned, raw artist and help them find their voice and define who they are. The feeling is indescribable and it's one of the reasons I love doing what I do."

"Linda Perry's extraordinary vision has elevated some of the world's most celebrated artists to superstar status," stated Susan Levison, EVP Original Programming & Production, VH1. "'The Linda Perry Project' gives young musicians the chance to work with a truly one-of-a-kind personality who has met more than a few challenges on her road to success – and is eager to share the lessons she's learned. We're proud to welcome Linda Perry to the VH1 family!"

"The Linda Perry Project" is executive produced by John Irwin, Damian Sullivan, Rob Buchta, and Mark Herwick for Irwin Entertainment. Susan Levison, Rick Krim, Jill Holmes, Leah Horwitz, and Laurel Stier serve as executive producers for VH1. Linda Perry also serves as executive producer.

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